Banana Update List

Current version: 1.6.1 Dickinson

Current version: 1.6 Dickinson

Whoaaaa! A really huge update for our beloved app:

  • Now you can send photo and audio in Banana from another app like WhatsApp, Instagram, Photo and more...Just use the "share" option and select "banana".
  • Likewise, you can export all the images or audio that our translators has sent to you.
  • When you take a pic, now you have the ability to write and draw annotations with your finger.
  • You can change your registration email
  • You can help the growth of our community inviting your Facebook friend.
  • You can add Emoji on your description.
  • and like always....bug hunting and fix.

Version: 1.5.2 Cobain

Another great update from the banana team:

  • Fixed bug: notification now works like a charm!
  • Added support for "right to left" languages like Arabic modern
  • Some general UI polishing and bug fixes

Version: 1.4 Bowie

Big announcement from the banana team:

  • We Facebook! Now you can easily sign up and sign in with your Facebook account!
  • We have improved the translation UI;
  • We have smashed some nasty bugs..

Version: 1.3 Anselmo

Big news from the banana team:

  • Now you can edit the content of a text question if nobody has answered yet;
  • You can show an answer in fullscreen mode
  • Don't miss any translation opportunity! Now you can set a notification for every language you know;
  • If you aren't sure of your answerm you can check other user's translation;
  • squished some bugs of course...

banana รจ disponibile per iOs e Android.

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